NEWS - 414 Everyone this Milwaukee Day


In celebration of Milwaukee Day, April 14, 2018 (4/14), 414 Milwaukee is honoring the many heritages and cultures that contribute to the intersecting experiences of Milwaukee. A broad range of414 themed t-shirts will be released as a part of a two-fold offering — supporting a visible community movement of self-affiliation, as well as a facilitation of social equity. This is an opportunity for Milwaukee to begin engaging with the complexity of how one’s identity is negotiated in the public space.

“The idea with these shirts is to draw as many different populations into the circle as possible, understanding that a rich and diverse community is the future of this city," says 414 Milwaukee Fred Gillich. "So if we haven't reached you, let us know. We want all our circles to overlap like some rad Milwaukee Venn diagram.”

And in time for you to wear on Milwaukee Day, shirts will be available April 2nd, 2018 exclusively online at 414 Milwaukee and then the 414 Milwaukee Showroom beginning April 14th, 2018.

All photos: Zak Gruber: For more information, email Fred Gillich or call 414-465-8009.

414 Palestine

414 Vietnam

414 Hungary

414 Pride

414 Germany

414 Germany

414 Weed

414 Mexico

414 Mexico

414 France

414 Italy

414 Nigeria

414 Israel

414 Croatia

414 England

414 Puerto Rico

414 Puerto Rico

414 Senegal

414 Feminist

414 Poland

414 Poland

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